1)  You can save a lot of money.
Why pay 2000 to 4000 pesos per day staying at a tiny hotel room when you can stay in a much larger apartment at just 845 pesos to 1980 pesos per day..??

2)Most of my  apartment will be fully furnished with so many useful items like ovens,hair dryers,kettle,coffee makers,computer,cable tv,wifi and wired internet,dressing table and many more useful items.
In some hotel rooms you get to have only a bed and almost nothing else.

3)Why squeeze your self into a tiny hotel room with only space around the bed when you can have so much more space in some of my apartments...??
With more space it will be more convenient when you want to invite your friends to come over to visit you and you will be more highly regarded if you are staying in a spacious apartment rather than a tiny hotel room.

4)Most of my apartments are located either beside or next door or near to shopping mall or malls  making it so convenient
for you during your stay.
Imagine taking just a few seconds to get to the shopping mall compared to taking a taxi from the hotel to the shopping mall everytime you want to buy something.

5)Most of my apartments are located either beside or next door or near to train stations  making it so convenient
for you during your stay.
Imagine taking just a few seconds to 1 or 2 minutes to get to the train station compared to taking a taxi from the hotel to the train station everytime you want to travel to another part of manila.

With the train station so near to most of my apartments,getting to most parts of Manila is so easy and so convenient.

6) All my apartments have swimming pools and most of my apartments have gymn room with exercise equipments and some of my apartments even have saunas for your use.
This way you get to keep fit and trim and looking good and healthy during your stay here in Manila.

Most hotels in Manila do not have swimming pools and do not have gymn rooms and do not have saunas.

7)All my apartments are in condominium estates with 24 hours guarded security to keep you and your family and friends safe while staying here.
Stay here with peace of mind ,knowing that only residents and tenants and their family and relatives or friends are allowed to come in.

8)When you stay here in one of my apartments for a longer time  ,you will get rewarded with  a lower rent per day.
The longer your stay,the lower the rent per day.

If you stay in a hotel, in most cases ,your cost per day do not decrease , even for long stays so you end up way over paying and spending too much for your accomodation.

9) In most hotels ,if you have more than 2 people,the extra people will be charged a certain extra cost per day per person so you end up paying a lot more if you are travelling with a large family.

If you stay in one of my apartments, I do not charge you any extra if you have more guests and in fact, i even have extra mattress or mattresses in my apartments for the extra guests to sleep on at night.

10)In most hotels,cooking is not allowed and there is no kitchen so you have no choice but to eat out at the restaurants everyday,and this will greatly increase your cost while staying here in Manila.

If you stay at one of my apartments,you can use the kitchen with so many cooking utensils and cooking appliances and this is great for those that loves to cook or that loves to eat home cooked food or who wants to save their money by eating at home rather than eating at restaurants for every single meal.

11)IN most hotels,you are given a super tiny refrigerator stocked up with over priced items that you have to pay for at inflated prices if you consume the items,so furthuring wasting your money.

That super tiny refrigerator at the hotel room cannot even take in all your food items that you want to put in.

But ,if you instead stay at my apartment, I will  provide you with a large refrigerator so that you can store all your groceries  and raw meat and fish and fruits and vegetables and drinks here.

This way you need only go to the nearby supermarket only once in a while and its so convenient to have so many types of food and fruits and drinks all stocked up inside the large refrigerator in my apartment for your use anytime you want.
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