Details on long stay rent at One Adriatico or Three Adriatico apartment
Long stay refers to stay of  3 months or more

Rent per month is 26,000  pesos which includes the
  association fees(for swimming pool,gymnasium use ,rubbish disposal and 24 hour security)
+internet fees
+  fees for cable tv with 85 channels.

If the tenant feels that the internet speed is not fast enough and wants to upgrade to higher speeds eg super high speed internet ,then any  extra monthly cost for the higher internet speed  will be paid by the tenant.

Tenants also need to pay for the monthly water and electric bills .
Since the utilities bill for electric+water is usually out only 1 to 2 months after usage period,you might not be paying for any utilities bill for the 1st 1 or 2 months of stay so we need to collect  utilities deposit of 40,000 pesos and  it will be used to pay for any unpaid utilities that are not yet paid by check out  date
The balance of the unused utilities  deposit  will be refunded to your paypal or credit card account or by cash if you are still in Manila.

To confirm the long stay of at least 3 months,we need a   partial security  deposit of 18,000 pesos(refundable)  to be paid using paypal or credit card of visa,master,amex and actual payment will be at the secure website of paypal and we will not be able to see your credit card number . Payment in cash using    pesos can also be done at the apartment but you need to pay a 450 pesos viewing fee if you want to meet at apartment to pay cash ,and this is to cover the time +transport of the apartment manager but 400 pesos of it will be refundable if you stay at least 2 months

On date of checking in,just pay
1)balance of security deposit of 10,000 pesos(refundable)
2)utilities deposit of  40,000 pesos
3)plus  the first 2 month's  rent of 52,000 pesos

total:   102,000 pesos to be paid on arrival date

Every month whenever utilities bill for your usage period is out,the bill will be shown to you and you will pay for the bill for water and electric.

25 days  before your next unpaid rental cycle starts you will need to
1) pay the next month's rent of 26,000 pesos

That means if you check in on the 28th of the month,the rent payment every month will be done on the
(28-25)=3rd of the month,which means 25 days  before the start of the next rental cycle

If you intend to extend the original rental period,you must let us know at least 60 nights before the check out date,otherwise we may not be able to extend your stay if we already rent out to other tenants .
We always start adevrtising for new tenants 2 months before the current tenants move out.

To reserve the apartment for long stay of  3 months  or more ,just make payment of  18,000 pesos  partial security deposit (refundable) here using paypal or credit card
After booking,Cancellations or changes can be made only if there are  still 60 nights or more  left  to check in date but there will be an admin charge of 6000 pesos deducted from the security deposit and the balance of security deposit will be refunded

Total Security deposit of 28,000 pesos is not refundable if Cancellation or changes or shortening of the stay is made less than 60 nights before check in date or if cancellation or changes or shortening of stay is made after arrival or if the tenant on arrival at apartment refuses to pay the rest of security deposit or the utilities  deposit   or  the first 2 month's rent  or only wants to pay part of the rent or fees or refuses to show their identity card or passport for identification purpose or refuses to pay the monthly utilities bill.

During the stay ,if any item is damaged or missing the tenant should let the apartment manager know so that a replacement item can be bought but the tenant need to pay for the cost,or if not,the tenant can also get a equivalent item to replace that which was missing or lost,but if not then we have to use either the security deposit or utilities deposit  to buy the replacement item.The balance of security deposit+utilities deposit will then be refunded to you