We do allow viewing of apartment before booking but to ensure there is no unnecessary waste of everybody's VERY precious time ,these are  the conditions
before making an appointment and actually spending time coming down

Before viewing of the apartments see the photos of the apartments by clicking the button below.Then choose which apartment photos you want to see.The photos of the apartments that will appear before you will look exactly like what you will see when you are actually at the apartment
After viewing of so many online photos of the apartments,if you feel you still need to see the actual apartment,that is ok but please see the rental rates first to make sure the rent is within your budget before you make an appointment and spend time  to come down.It's pointless to spend time coming down to view the apartment if the rent is not even within your budget.Click the button below to see the apartment rental rates to make sure the rent is within your budget before requesting to view the apartment
1)If the apartment rental rates are within your budget
2)and the dates that you want are available
3)and you have seen many photos of the apartment and you like what you see in the photos
,but you still want to come down to view  the  apartment,that is ok but please see more details of the apartments eg the location and the nearby facilities and equipment inside the apartment  and other factors before coming down.Please click the buttons below to see details of the apartments.Eg if the location is not suitable for you,then it's no point coming to view the apartment
All  potential renters are requested to go through the websites to ensure that
the rental rates are within their  budget  and to make sure that  the dates they want are available
and ensure that  they really like the photos of the apartment 
and ensure that they really like the suroundings and the location and to make sure they are satisfied with the list of equipment provided for the apartment
and  to read  all the terms and conditions as stated clearly in the websites or my email before requesting for viewing of the apartment .

I have to do this to ensure that there is no wastage of our precious time  ,because even though most renters rent the apartment just based on the website photos and we do not mind allowing the few who want to view the apartments to come view the apartment,but please  ensure that all the conditions like dates available,the budget for rent,the suitability of location...etc etc etc are satisfied before coming down.It's no point coming down to view the apartment if the calendar clearly shows that the dates that you want have already been booked and are not available or if the rent is not within your budget or if the location is not suitable
or if on the date that you want to come to view the apartment, it is occupied.

Or some potential renters may even arrange an appointment and then never turn up or make a last minute cancellation

So to avoid all these extremely time consuming and time wasting apartment viewings by uncommitted potential renters who may have no real intent to rent but yet still insist on viewing the apartments so we decide the best way is to ensure that only potential tenants who pay a very small  viewing fee will be entitled to view the apartment.

This will ensure that only serious real potential renters who have real intentions to rent will be able to request to view the apartments and by filtering out  the non serious potential renters and saving on costs and expenses and cutting down on unnecessary time wasting ,we will then be able to pass on the cost savings to guests who actually rent the apartment and I can then continue to keep the rent as low as possible for all genuine renters.This way, potential renters who are not serious in renting the apartment but still insist on viewing the apartment,they alone will bear the cost of the viewing and the costs will not be passed on to the other genuine renters who do not need to view the apartment.

The apartment photos are right there at the website.It takes just 3 seconds to download the photos but about up to 8 hours spent to meet up for a viewing including all the time waiting for the potential guests and travel time . Please try not to arrive later than 1 hour after the appointment time.

It's not right  to ask the apartment manager who does not stay at any of the apartments to take off a day from his/her other work and have a loss of income due to that and expect her to wait there for you from early in the morning till late at night.There must be an appointment date and an appointment time

Viewing charge is 1000 pesos for  each of the apartments viewed.

If you are staying for 2 months at least,that   viewing fee will be refunded to you the moment that you pay the rent for 2 months or longer ,so in effect you do not spend anything to view the apartment if you are staying at least for 2 months

To make an appointment to meet up the apartment manager  please click the buttons below

The apartment manager  might or might not ask you to pay a small advanced deposit of about 100 pesos using cell phone load  especially for the apartments that are located far from her house   as it's too risky for her to take off so many hours of her   time for someone who might never even turn up and  who does not even want to commit to the meeting up with that advanced 100 pesos partial viewing fee by cell phone load (about US$2)

I have no choice but to impose this viewing charge because all the hundreds of photos of all the apartments are already right there on the website and it takes just 1 to 3  seconds to click the button to see the photos compared to us spending up to 8 hours of our precious time  from our work to meet up. Even if you want to meet up,the apartment will look exactly as in the photos .

This way by cutting down on unnecessary time wastage and costs I will be able to continue to keep the rent low for genuine renters so we end up with a win win situation for both the apartment owner (me) and the tenants as everybody save their hard earned money by cutting down on unnecessary time wastage .

Before coming down to view the apartment please check and ensure that the dates you want to book are still available.If the dates that you want are not available then it's pointless to arrange an apartment viewing.Also make sure that on the date that you want to come down to see the apartment,there is no guest staying there.Reason: We can't bring you into the apartment when somebody is staying there.When you yourself are staying in my apartment, I am sure that you may not like it too if I bring in potential guests everyday into the apartment to view the apartment.Click the button below to see if the dates you want are available